Arrivederci to La Dolce Vita

Looking through plane window at wing

A farewell to Milan

Mean Girls of Milan: You Can’t Gym With Us

Three young women exercising on mats

On Wednesdays, we wear spandex.

Vicini di Casa: Do You Know Your Neighbors?

A yellow door with the number 31 next to a green door with the number 33

Instead of cups of sugar, we've exchanged keys and screams.

When Italians DGAF: A Menefreghista Montage

Art print that says "Whatever"

The word "menefreghista" doesn't exist in English, but it's now part of my daily Italian vocabulary.

3 Antidotes to Seasonal Affective Pet Peeve Disorder

Silhouette of woman outdoors in sun with hand and hair in air

Smother minor annoyances with minor delights.

Come Si Dice “Silver Linings”?

Trees along a snowy lake with fog

In an attempt to be more jolly this holiday season, here are the silver linings to my recent grievances.

The Girl Who Got Her Italian Residence Permit (For Real This Time)

Hand stamps a piece of paper with wooden stamp

Too legit to quit, ragazzi.

The One Where I Get Stranded and Swindled in a Milan Suburb

Bus passengers' feet

“I don’t think I have the right ticket…” I text Alberto from a bus -- a bus that I’m riding illegally without any valid documents aside from an old Iowa driver’s license.