On (Not) Dating a Macho Mammone Italian Man

Statue of David

“I’m very sorry,” my teacher Sara replies when I share that I’m married to an Italian.


Casa Dolce Casa (aka We Told You Not to Move)

Apartment building with balconies

The gurgle of an air conditioner dying is a most terrible sound.

4 Ways to (Not) Move Out of Your Italian Parents’ Home

Wiener dog popping out of cardboard box

After all we've done for you, you ungrateful son-of-a-me.

7 Reasons You Might Be Sick, According to Nonna

Sick person under bed covers

“But it’s good for your cholesterol!” she protested before going on the stoop to smoke.

Being a Pacifist (or How Americans Can Avoid Getting Punched in the Face in Europe)

Silhouette of peace fingers against sky

Despite my best efforts to avoid a fight on the first day of school, I have to flee a brawl.

Being a Newbie (or How to Learn Italian and Make Friends)

Women studying at table

My husband has many talents (e.g. making risotto, doing mental math, assembling IKEA furniture), but teaching me his native tongue is not one of them.

Becoming Italian Part 5 (or How to Get Legit in Italy – Permesso di Soggiorno Continued)

Woman holds "Like a boss" mug

“What I did today and yesterday is not arrogant, it’s just proactive,” Renzo explains.

Being the Coddled Daughter (or How to Use Your Privilege in Italy)

Lady bug crawling on plant - sign of luck

I’m looking forward to the day when I don’t feel like a 10-year-old only daughter whose adoption papers were just finalized.

Using a Senior Subway Card (or How to Argue with Italian Transportation Authorities)

People riding escalators in subway station

“Why did you let me come in then but not out?! Are you going to keep me here as a prisoner?” my father-in-law demands.

Becoming Italian Part 4 (or How to Get Legit in Italy – Marriage Certificate Continued)

Honey in bowl

Remember the signora with the URGENTISSIMO sarcasm stamp? I was completely wrong about her.